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Robert and Darlene Ross 

Robert Ross is a well respected licensed general contractor & interior lighted ceiling designer. Since 1982, Rob has been specializing in residential luminous ceiling concepts, design, fabrication (usually pre-fab) And installation methods. His skills also include commercial or office ceilings as well, including a suspended wood ceiling system . His notable skill in conceptual design, has been his contributions to the Lighted Dome Ceiling. Such notable advancements as custom tailored moldings stained and finished to match the existing cabinets, custom Stain Glass Overlay inserts and pre-fabrication methods. Making The Lighted Dome Ceiling the “Ultimate Kitchen Lighting Fixture”. His unique work has been featured in many Residential Showcases and industry publications.


Born and raised in Long Beach CA, Rob has always had an endeavored passion to improve & consistently re-invent the design, fabrication and installation methods for the construction and remodeling industry.Combining elements of integrity, structural design and aesthetics. Robert has conceptually engineered 2 successful ceiling business’s from scratch in his career.


Robert began his career the old fashioned way, by going to work with his father W.E.Ross (Modern Ceilings Co) on weekends and summer break starting around age 10. At age 20 he was asked to partner with brother David and father to form Natural Wood  Ceiling Co.  This company worked mostly for land developers producing 50 – 100 ceiling frames a day for tens of thousand of new  so cal homes . their other endeavor was designing fabricating and installing custom  wood ceilings for residential as well as commercial customers .



Robert along with his lovely wife Darlene (who worked for nat wood ceiling co) together  formed R.D. Ceilings co. As a team they bootstrapped the business and today are responsible for over 4000 happy customers.

After 20 years they manage to stay in business & backup any maintenance on older units . And have earned a well deserved reputation as true professionals in their trade 


Robert has more endeavors to add to his list of accomplishments  such as

*Robert ran a crew re-locating existing houses onto vacant lots, for the construction of the century freeway.  (Including all concrete , construction ..Etc...)

*Complete kitchen and bath remodels

*Room additions and remodeling

*Relocating houses for the century fwy including reconstruction onto vacant lots

*Complete solar systems including photo electric and hydra thermal flooring

* Many others      

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