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custom lighted Dome Ceiling

R.D Ceilings  is dedicated to providing you with a level of service that is unmatched. Our attention to detail and eye for design ensures an enjoyable design experience.

R.D Ceilings is proud to offer a wide array of design services, including:

  •   ***  Our specialty product is our   "Custom Lighted Dome Ceiling"   which we tailor to your following needs:                                               
  • Installation (all or Part)
  • Budget Planning.
  • Conceptual and Design Development.
  • We can use your existing soffit opening ,or 
  • Extend your existing soffit to custom fit the room, or 
  • Build a new soffit opening. (Where applicable).
  •    *** Where using a soffit is not an option We offer the following solutions:
  • "Drop" or "Suspended Dome Ceiling"  (Which in a room with cabinets requires a space of atleast 8" between top of cabinet and ceiling.
  • "Surface mount Dome Ceiling"  (A Dome built into sufrace mount light box configuration.)
  •    ***All "Custom Lighted Dome Ceilings" can be custom tailored to match the surrounding interior design personality or theme of a room with the following :
  • Custom detailed moldings (such as Oak, Alder, Maple, etc).
  • Custom stain and finish matching (usually the same as the cabinets) or lacquer paint finishes...
  • Custom "Stain Glass Overlay"  inserts, (we come to you with books of designs and color swatches).. that match  your surroundings.
  • Many different ceiling fans are available. We  are a Concord Fan Co. distributor http://www.concordfans.com/index.php/catalogs
  •  All of our Designs come standard with T-8 fluorescent lights.
  • We also offer Incadescent lights in the corners. This Dims for a nice Nightlite. (this setup also can be used to highlight the Stain Glass Overlay pieces in the corners).
  • Repair And maintenance. (We keep records of all our "lighted Dome Ceilings"). We service our own warranty and beyond.
  • Upgrades including recent advancements in fluorescent lights as well as new Stain Glass Overlay pieces.
  • *****We have also mastered the following services:
  • Recessed Lghting.
  • Acoustic removal and Re-texture.
  • Drywall patching and Texture matching.
  • Cabinet Re-finishing (We can touch up your existing cabinets,Or strip and start over).
  • Cabinet Re-facing (Including formica shelf liners).
  • Custom woodworking..


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